If you have found this blog, you are probably already aware that there are a few different options when it comes to choosing the best fibre for your wig or topper. The selections are as follows:



Synthetic– this is made from a quality plastic material, now there are many qualities when it comes to synthetic as the cheaper more “dress up” wig or costume wig will be a shinier more plastic looking fibre, a quality synthetic piece will look more natural in its appearance not as shiny and a thinner texture and more tapered at the ends, so it has a more natural appearance. We like to call a good quality wig, “medical grade”, they have a superior cap construction and many features that exude quality, therefore giving the most natural appearance. 

There is also a heat friendly fibre, still a synthetic wig or Topper but you can heat style the pieces. Heat friendly or “HD” are a versatile plastic fibre that has less shine than a traditional synthetic and the movement mimics that of a natural wig, a HD fibre can be heat styled with a blow dryer, straightener, or even hot rollers but no hotter than 170 degrees Celsius. HD are a great choice however to get the most out of your piece you must apply heat regularly to maintain the smoothness in the fibre. Not applying heat to your heat friendly fibre piece will result in a frizzy kind of matted appearance.




Human hair, now human hair comes in many forms also. There is what you will find written as human hair this hair has its cuticle stripped this allows for a more efficient processing procedure therefore keeping the cost down on these pieces, we like to call these our entry level human hair as this is more affordable than some. Human hair is generally made from Indian/Asian hair.



Remy Human Hair, again an Indian/Asian mix of hair however when it states that it is “Remy” it means that the cuticle is intact and each fibre is running in the same direction, this will give you a natural shine and smoothness to the piece. It is a more complex hair to work with as the strands need to be running in the same direction.



European human hair, it is just that. European human hair is a Remy form, this is a premium fibre as it is quality Remy human hair from the European people it is a fine denier and therefore is a natural looking fibre and is often suited to a wide range of people due to its thinner appearance. European Human Hair can be coloured, it is easily styled and easily cut to make a great natural look. Euro hair is the more expensive of the fibres, but it is the best quality.



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